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The Cumas Project was established in 1998, under the Education and Prevention Strategy of Clondalkin Drugs Task Force Action Plan, as an intervention and prevention service for families affected by the consequences of drug use. Over the past 22 years, this distinctive project has grown and developed greatly.

Who does Cumas work with?

Cumas works with all family members from young people (aged 4 and up) to grandparents. Cumas is unique as it is the only service in the Clondalkin area to provide a service to young people aged 4-18, who are affected by the consequences of drug use within their families. We also work with young adults aged over 18.

What interventions does Cumas employ?

Cumas works on a needs led basis offering a variety of interventions using a holistic, interagency approach. There are many elements to this work. In order to understand this better it's best to break it down as follows:

  • Family Work

  • Individual Work

  • Group Work

A large part of the work Cumas does includes work with other statutory and non-statutory agencies.


An assessment of needs is carried out on each family and a six week plan is subsequently developed. After six weeks work, the plan is reviewed between family members and Cumas staff, after which a future plan is created. This plan will either recommend that Cumas continues its work with the family, or if it is felt that the Cumas Project is not appropriate, a referral is made to a more suitable service.

Learn more about the services offered by Cumas on our services page here.

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