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Cumas Project Services

The services offered are as follows:

Click on the appropriate service to navigate to it.

*Note that highlighted services are additional services subject to funding and a referral process from Cumas.*

Parents/Grandparents One to One Support

Parents and grandparents receive one to one support from staff on any issues or concerns they may present.

Parent Support Group

The Parent Support Group is a peer led group who are supported to develop and improve their skills in dealing with their hardships.

Parent Plus Training Courses

Staff provide a positive and practical courses for parents. These courses support parents in their key role in helping their children become well developed adults as they grow.

Young People Group Work and One to One Support

Staff offer teenagers, young people and children (ages 4-18) one to one support on issues and concerns they may present, while developing and improving the skills of the youth involved. Group work is offered to continue to develop social and interpersonal skills.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling brings together members of the family to work through difficult situations or familial relationship issues, whilst facilitating all members of the family having a voice in the process.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy may also be offered to help children with issues they have to deal with in their daily lives.

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